Matrix Gemini LIMS, Matrix Express LIMS, Matrix Stability LIMS, Matrix "Track-IT"


  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant - data protection and immutability
  • Rich, non-hierarchical permissions structure
  • One to hundred (100) concurrent users
  • User modifiable GUI and process across the entire family
    • Matrix Gemini LIMS
    • Matrix Express LIMS (does not include config tools)
    • Matrix "Track-IT"
    • Matrix Stability and Stability Express (Stand-alone, without LIMS)
  • As easy and safe to modify as Excel but build on a powerful and flexible SOA architecture
  • Programmatic interface, API: ActiveX, CSV parsers, custom
  • Data migration from previous solutions: multiple paths supported

Autoscribe Limited develops and supplies software solutions for LIMS and the scientific laboratory and business markets.

Autoscribe offers a wide portfolio of products and services including systems for LIMS, sample tracking, instrument calibration and maintenance, stability testing, customer complaints management, ISO9000 protocol driven training records management and resource planning.

Autoscribe's customers include leading analytical, oil, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and consumer products companies as well as academic research institutes, hospitals and many others.

Founded in 1981, Autoscribe is a privately owned UK company. Worldwide they are represented by a network of business partners in regions including the USA, France, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Australia.

Autoscribe includes a dedicated team of developers, technical support specialists and sales & marketing professionals who are aware of all new developments from o2 mobile broadband to social networking. Zumatrix is the exclusive distributor and implementor for Matrix Plus LIMS in North America for Autoscribe Ltd. Burlington Vision and Lab, Burlington Vision and Lab, represents Zumatrix in Ontario and Quebec.

Autoscribe markets Matrix LIMS, a suite of LIMS solutions that address any size operation. Matrix is a full-function, easy to use product with a low entry level price that is scalable for a single PC or for network applications.

The robust Matrix Enterprise LIMS is designed to meet the needs of global, multi-site organizations, allowing users at any locations to access a common database with performance exceeding or equal to LAN-based systems with separate servers at each site. Matrix LIMS features a variety of enhanced capabilities that leverage the capabilities of the latest versions of Windows and provide improved ODBC drivers, a range of development tools, and close integration with Web and Active X technologies.

SampleTracker is an affordable alternative to a full-function LIMS for smaller laboratories or departments. It provides the basics: sample registration, resource allocation, test status recording, reporting and audit trail, while being fully upgradeable to Matrix Plus LIMS. In addition, there is a Matrix Express version that has been designed for fast implementation.

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