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Zumation. Motion control.

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Lean Lab adheres to the same tenets as its manufacturing counterpart.
Monumental, unstoppable, automation line is replaced with an on-demand, lightweight, highly configurable and dynamically rescheduled architecture of cells, subsystems and processes.
Everything is on demand, everything is a rush. Managers act more like a busy kitchen chefs rather than shepherds over a steadily moving flock.
In this environment a multitude of ready to fetch recipes, light, self contained hardware and software system components became the main pieces from which to build the puzzle.
Good LIMS goes beyond providing data immutability and precisely controlled access, it easily interfaces with a wide range of instruments and ERPs, it supports fast reconfiguration of user screens, allows to plug in and out features.
Burlington, Ontario

From lightweight desktop automation to complex robots with motion assisted by machine vision and force sensing your system hardware components from Zmation let you gradually populate your lab or manufacturing floor with subsystems you will move around.